The Parrish House

2315 Monument Avenue



The home built at 2315 Monument Avenue was originally intended to be a Georgian design, but after its owners J. Scott Parrish and his wife visited the Mediterranean, architect William Lawrence Bottomley redesigned a residence with influences from both Spain and Italy for the couple. Bottomley homes were known to have many closets and bathrooms, choices uncommon among other Richmond architects at the time. He also dodged convention by eliminating large porches and grand entryways from his designs and often took on interior design and decoration duties, selecting wallpapers and furniture that would best complement the home. His outdoor spaces were livable as well, often incorporating gardens and pools, making them as useful as any indoor room. Despite being a New Yorker, Bottomley was a favorite among the Richmond elite, particularly those who wanted to appear more cosmopolitan. Bottomley designed a total of seven Monument Avenue homes, in addition to the Stuart Court Apartments.

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The Straus House

3206 Monument Avenue

Monument Avenue Homes

The Taylor House

2325 Monument Avenue

2309 Monument Avenue

Stuart Court Apartment Homes

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