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Architect Otis K. Asbury designed a large number of homes and apartment buildings in Richmond in the early 20th Century, including nine residences on Monument Avenue. Among them is 3,800 square foot Tudor home in the Museum District at 3206 Monument Avenue, built in 1924.

Asbury had a gift designing structures based on the desires of his clients and was seemingly as comfortable in restrictive urban settings as he was in more expansive suburban ones, be they upscale apartments or formal residences. A concentrated collection of his homes are located in Byrd Park on Westover Road (most notably 704, 804, 1000) and are considered to be among the finest homes built in 1920s Richmond. His few forays into the commercial realm included a classical bank in Church Hill and the Order of the Eagles Club house in Jackson Ward.

While Asbury enjoyed great success in Richmond in the 1920s, the Great Depression ended his career. His last building permit in Richmond was issued in 1939.

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