1110 West Leigh Street



George Washington Carver Elementary School is located at 1110 West Leigh Street in the 2nd district. Many Monument Avenue residents and members of the Monument Avenue Preservation Society also live in the 2nd district and, to that end, have an interest in the standing of the school.

Since 2018, MAPS has had an ongoing collaboration with Carver on various projects and also created a meaningful community partnership with the school. MAPS is committed to supporting Carver in its mission to create a culture that will provide its students with the best opportunity to grow and flourish in a way that will allow them to make positive contributions to their own families and to their community at large.

When it was built in 1886-87, the school was originally called the Moore Street School since it faced Moore Street. The expansion of the school in 1951 brought about the name change in honor of noted African American scientist, George Washington Carver (1864-1943).

Carver Elementary currently serves approximately 500 students in grades PK-5 and Exceptional Education.

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MAPS Mission Statement

Monument Avenue Preservation Society-MAPS advocates for the historical preservation, restoration, and pertinent development of Monument Avenue while promoting civic, cultural and educational initiatives in our immediate community.